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How to temper chocolate

Product image 1How to temper chocolate
Product image 2How to temper chocolate
Product image 3How to temper chocolate

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Here is a class for the aspiring pastry chefs and chocolatiers. In this class we will be studying in depth about chocolate! We are going to open your eyes to the taste, aroma, and the history of chocolate.

You will learn how to make a simple ganache, and how to temper chocolate. All the do's and dont's when tempering with chocolate. With your tempered chocolate we will discuss how to maintain your chocolate and how to keep it in temper whilst rolling truffles and moulding our own chocolate bars.

We will finish the session off with some chocolate tasting, so you can source the best chocolate for you to work with.

As this is a much more in depth class, we will be keeping these sessions to a maximum of four people, so that you can all get the help and advice you need to learn your new skill.


Once you have bought your tickets, please either email us or call us to get yourselves booked in for your class.


- 07566247406


*We want to keep everybody as safe and comfortable as possible. So we are not doing mixed classes at the moment (ie, with people that don't know each other). If you are a group and are from different households, that is fine, it is only in regards to big group sessions.

* You will be entering a professional kitchen. Before each class you will have a safety briefing. We do ask, if you have been in contact with anyone with COVID 19 or have had it yourself that you notify us before hand.

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