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Our Chocolate Journey


If you have read my story in our 'about me' page, you should be up to date of how I got here. I started the company in 2018, after a holiday in Honduras. Chocolate is something I am obsessed with, and it is one ingredient in catering that has such a huge story, from where it comes from, to how it is harvested, roasted etc. All these variables impact its flavour. It just so happens, that the most beautiful product, comes from some of the most beautiful countries. Situated roughly 20 degrees north and south of the equator.

How we started...

In 2018, I decided I would love to learn more about chocolate, and would love to some day travel to the cocoa plantations and work with the farmers. The more I was trying to learn for my business, the more I was discovering. I held myself back from releasing products because every week I was learning more about chocolate, and each week was becoming better at my craft. I decided, my business plan would be to involve the journey, so we can all learn and experience everything together.

 So I began to focus on what I would sell. I started off with chocolate bars. I needed to get a name for myself, so I began to create some really wacky flavours. I began doing markets and people were loving the unusual flavour combinations. I would use single origin chocolate, as it all varies in flavours. I would do a tasting session by myself, decide what I could taste within the chocolate, and then work from there. I was learning so much every day. The markets started to become really busy, but they weren't regular. I knew if I was to make a go of this, I would need my own shop. By the end of 2019, I had taken a huge leap of faith and found myself with the keys to a shop.


As you can imagine, there is not a lot to report in this section. I don't like to be negative, and it was a tough year for everyone. I think thats all that needs to be said. I had a long hard conversation with myself about returning the keys back to the landlord. But I have big dreams for this shop, and this company, and this wasn't going to stop me.


Now, back to where we are! We survived the carnage of COVID-19, and are finally back on track. Our current year ahead, is to provide amazing products, using single origin chocolate. The creative side of our company is about to boom. We are getting ready to have people into our shop, to not only buy, and experience our products, but to also come in and learn how to make their own. Everybody loves chocolate, and I find it incredibly interesting, the journey that it has. I love to teach people how to create their own products, and it's really fun and satisfying to leave at the end of the shift with your own bag of goodies that you can show off to your friends and family. We are ready to express our creative and innovative side, and to bring some fun and joy, and teach you a thing or two about working with, the journey and the history of chocolate.

The future...

We have some exciting things in the pipeline. As a pastry chef, I hope to combine the knowledge of both patisserie and chocolate, to offer amazing inside information on how things are made, and how you can get creative at home. We have plans to release a cookbook to showcase this. I also. have a trip to several plantations to expand my knowledge on how chocolate is made from the start, and I wish to share it all with you. In the next few years, we are planning to go fully bean-to-bar, with our production line, and to open up a roastery, which will be available for tours, and to come and visit.


Thats a little bit about us. If you wish to know anymore, or have any questions about myself, the company, recipes etc, please do get in contact, it would be lovely to chat with you.

George :)

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